Data Science Languages 

By supporting the data science languages R, Julia and Python, we ensure a high level of transparency, flexibility and future-proofness. At the same time, the eoda | data science core allows you to work on a data science project across different teams in multiple languages.


With the eoda | data science core you benefit from a controlled and scalable environment in which scripts can be run reliably and at an optimal load balancing. Further agents allow for horizontal scaling and higher system performance.

Projects, Users, Rights

Different data sources, users and role management systems, analysis scripts and much more come together in one analytics project within the eoda | data science core. It minimizes error potential in the development and operation, takes care of the management and versioning of project resources and is responsible for controlling the execution of scripts. Manage your data science projects clearly and comprehensibly – with only one tool.

Consistent Interfaces

With its extensive and well-documented interface, the eoda | data science core can be expanded by any desired application. Integrate your analytics projects via REST-API into your company applications.

Management of Analyse Jobs

Monitoring and parametrization of the script execution, scheduling, dynamic load balancing and logging of script outputs: The eoda | data science core ensures the operationalization of script execution in the business-critical environment.