The eoda | data science environment

Interdisciplinary benefit

The eoda | data science environment supports the collaboration of specialist departments and data science teams.
In the eoda | data science portal, different fields of knowledge flow together in different analysis scenarios – depending on industry and use case.

Based on a proven basic structure we adjust every workflow individually to customer needs.

Convince yourself!

The benefits of the eoda | data science environment for...


  • implementation of digitization through data- and analysis-supported processes
  • AI Application Development
  • interdisciplinary data science workflow based on CRISP-DM
  • transparent and traceable analyses and results
  • role and filter concepts for explorative data analysis
  • user-friendly and customizable dashboards

…Data Scientists

  • use of various open source script languages such as R, Python or Julia
  • easy integration and customizable analysis scripts
  • time and event-driven analysis execution
  • comprehensible results instead of a black box approach
  • use of the usual IDE like RStudio, Eclipse etc.
  • standardized and documented API for integrating analyses and models into business applications

…IT administrators

  • controlled and scalable environment
  • extensive and well-documented interfaces
  • high performance due to load distribution
  • simple maintainability
  • separation of responsibilities
  • reliable monitoring & logging
  • deployment as SaaS, cloud solution or on-premise