Operationalization of Data Science

The eoda | data science environment is a platform that connects data, models and results without media discontinuity. It enables the joint work on data and analysis-driven processes and projects independently of the team, roles or functions.

As a result, the eoda|data science environment will optimize the cooperation of data science and specialty department: data-driven business processes will be established and new business models will be developed for the age of digitalization.

Data Science as a team discipline

With the eoda|data science environment – consisting of the eoda|data science core and the eoda|data science portal – we combine data science with your business processes in order to develop processes and products supported by data or analytics.

The eoda|data science core is the centerpiece of this framework. There, you can connect data sources, manage user rights and analysis scripts as well as control and operationalize analyses in a reliable and controlled environment. Data scientists will benefit from full flexibility of script languages and will be released from routine tasks.

Script languages are the key in the digital revolution

Data mining, artificial intelligence and statistical models – the application of data science is one of the key success factors of the digital revolution. Data science algorithms are often written with programming languages such as R, Python or Julia.

These lightweight languages with their countless libraries for statistical models, data management or the visualization of results are especially suited for fast prototyping or for a proof-of-concept.

What is the eoda | data science environment?

Why we are convinced of the eoda | data science environment: